Our Cheeses

Not Just Any Cheese

We don’t want to just sell our cheese, we want to share our cheese experience with you. So we take our journey from farm to market in a grass roots effort to connect to those in search of healthy, delicious local fare.

Our Farmstead Artisan Cheeses

Artisinal or artisan “implies that a cheese is produced primarily by hand, in small batches, with particular attention paid to the tradition of the cheesemaker’s art, and thus using as little mechanization as possible in the production of the cheese.” -ACS

As defined by the American Cheese Society, farmstead cheese “must be made with milk from the farmer’s own herd, or flock, on the farm where the animals are raised. Milk used in the production of farmstead cheese may not be obtained from any outside source.”

Artisanal Chevre

  • Plain Ol’ Jane
  • Fresh Cracked Peppercorn
  • Garlic ‘n’ Chive
  • Rosemary Bacon

Farmstead Feta

  • Two Olives
  • Simply
  • Tomato Basil
  • Cranberry Crush
  • Hoppin’ Jalapeno
Care and Handling of Cheese

Follow these instructions to ensure your cheeses stay fresh and delicious.

  • Once unwrapped, rewrap in fresh parchment paper.
  • Cheese is alive, it must breathe
  • Keep in hydrator of your refridgerator so it can retain moisture and not dry out too quickly. Or store in a vented plastic storage container. Stays fresh for 2 – 3 weeks.

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