About Us

Who is “Texas Goat Cheese”?

Lorberau Farms wouldn’t be able to make Texas Goat Cheese without the ones who help with feeding, milking, breeding, kidding, planning, marketing, and lots and lots of cleaning! Get to know the ones responsible for everything that goes into the art of farmstead artisanal cheesemaking!


Where would Lorberau Farms be without Lupe? We don’t want to know!!! Lupe assists every morning on the farm with everything from feeding goats to washing dishes to prepping the milking parlor to sanitizing equipment to milk testing to cheesemaking…AND you’ll often see her on Saturdays at market. This means she gets up way before the break of dawn to bring the Coastal Bend fresh Texas Goat Cheese with a smile on her face. She is an absolutely essential part of Lorberau Farms! Also from Alice, Lupe is our vital Dairy Assistant.


Originally from Alice, Kelly has returned home from Lubbock where she earned her business degree from Texas Tech University, started a family, and excelled as an entrepreneur herself. She has proved her versatility and resourcefulness as a freelance marketing specialist for various industries in the Lubbock area, particularly those with little to no marketing budget. Kelly has multiple talents and is always on the go. She is a hands on mother of two, a tumbling instructor, business owner and also teaches fitness classes in all her “free time”. Kelly also has years of experience in the sheep and goat industry. We are so thankful God has blessed us with the return of Kelly! Lorberau Farms is proud to call her their Dairy Development Manager, integral in helping with all facets of the business.


Growing up on a working family farm in South Texas was rough, but a lifestyle experience Janie wouldn’t change fir the world. As a child, you would find Janie out helping her dad or brother or working with the animals long before you’d find her inside with the girls. Being a natural tomboy, that’s the way she liked it. Her fondest childhood memories where raising orphaned goats her preacher would bring her from his ranch. Bottle raising these kids, janie became a momma goat to them without effort. She knew them and they knew her. Family friends would observe this strange phenomena and be astounded at the “connection” between this little “shepherd” and her goats. As she grew into a teenager, their were no more goats on the farm and harvesting cotton with the family during the summer was hot and dirty and “too much work” for Janie. So off to college she went.

After several majors and 5 years later, Janie graduated from Sam Houston State University with a major in English, a minor in Music, and zestfully entered the world of publishing in Birmingham, AL. She delved into the food industry and learned all she could about the editorial world of the culinary word. While obtaining her Masters of Business Administration degree from The University of Alabama at Birmingham to further utilize her capacities in publishing, it became apparent to Janie that her heart did not lie behind a desk, writing and editing about food, but rather her heart lay with the land, the source of all food!

Entrepreneurship was her souls’ calling during her MBA stint and she worked very closely with her professors in analyzing her strengths, weaknesses, desires, talents, experience, and passions. Food, art, land, family, animals, farm, business, helping, cooking, creating, building, marketing…everything led her to goats, cheesemaking, and the family farm. After a heartwrenching decision to leave what she loved of her Birmingham world, and tackle the lemons life has a tendency to throw one’s way, janie moved back home. Five years later, here she is raising her son in a farm environment, married to a saint of a man, and owner of Lorberau Farms Texas Goat Cheese: a dream of a life she never knew could exist!

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